In this partnership, all regular and special schools of primary education work together to ensure that all students in the Eindhoven, Best and Son & Breugel region receive the education and support they need.

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What is appropriate education?

The partnership provides all students with the opportunity to attend a school that is suited to their abilities and qualities. By offering appropriate education, the schools ensure that our students can get the best out of themselves. Schools therefore also offer extra support to students who need it.

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How does the partnership work?

Fourteen school boards, with schools in Best, Eindhoven and Son & Breugel, together form the partnership appropriate education PO Eindhoven. These school boards choose to design appropriate education as much as possible within their own school board and according to their own school board vision.

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TLV application: how does that work?

To be admitted to special primary education (SBO) or special education (SO), an admission statement (TLV) is required. Each school can request a TLV from the partnership.
There are some legal rules that a TLV application must comply with. Each partnership can define its own rules.

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